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Alflorex® Chewable

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Alflorex® Chewable
Alflorex® for Children Sachets
Alflorex® Chewable
Alflorex® for Children Nutrition Drink

Alflorex Chewable Tablets are not currently available in Irish pharmacies.(Expected Late 2018) Alflorex Capsules and Straws are available in pharmacies nationwide.

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Alflorex Chewable

The unique 35624 culture in Alflorex has been clinically tested by leading Scientists and Gastroenterologists and is the No.1 recommended culture by Gastroenterologists in the US for 7 years running. Alflorex is the only product in Ireland that contains this culture. It's also been recognised as special by an expert panel of Irish Pharmacists and industry experts, who voted it the winner of Best Gastrointestinal Product for 3 years in a row at the Irish Pharmacy News OTC Awards. We're proud that this unique culture has made a difference to the lives of thousands of people and you can see some examples on our reviews page.

A natural culture: The bacterial culture in Alflorex occurs naturally in the human gut. It's part of the Bifidobacterium family, one of the first kinds of bacteria passed by mothers to their babies at birth. To ensure this natural culture reaches your gut with its properties intact, we have created a special formulation and confirmed it's activity in the gut using the highest standards of scientific testing and human clinical trials.

Lactose free
No refrigeration is needed.
Dairy free
Sugar free
Soya free

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Where to try Alflorex Chewable Tablets

Alflorex Chewable will be available in Irish pharmacies from late 2018. If you have any questions on Alflorex or PrecisionBiotics® products, please contact our Careline on 021 206 6012. PrecisionBiotics is an Irish company and Alflorex was discovered in Ireland.