Alflorex® – New Beginnings


New Beginnings: A 12-week gut-health programme by Alflorex.

Alflorex has been developed with the unique 35624® live culture, which is a strain of good bacteria that specifically targets the gut.

It is the No.1 Doctor and Gastroenterologist recommended live culture in the US1, trusted by millions of consumers around the world. 8/10 customers would recommend it to family and friends.

Buy a two-month supply of Alflorex and receive the third month free, saving you £24.95. Plus, you’ll also receive the following:

  • weekly tips and guidance from our team of experts,
  • gut-friendly recipes and nutrition advice from our specialist dietitians and nutritionists,
  • one-to-one advice from our gut-health advisors, when you need it,
  • a monthly check-in to make sure you’re on track, and
  • an exclusive two-month trial of the IBS Network’s online symptom tracker.

If you’re not entirely satisfied with the results after completing the 12-week programme, we’ll give you your money back. Terms & Conditions apply .

So, what have you got to lose? Select your preferred Alflorex product (blister pack, tube or chewable) and let’s get started.




  • Can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle
  • Suitable for those on a low FODMAP diet
  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated


About Alflorex

Alflorex was discovered and developed by PrecisionBiotics, in partnership with clinicians from one of the world’s leading centres of microbiome research.

The live culture in Alflorex, 35624, has been clinically tested by leading scientists and gastroenterologists2. This naturally occurring ‘good’ bacteria is part of the Bifidobacteria family of bacteria, which mothers give to their babies at birth3. It is a friendly bacteria that is naturally at home in the human gut and has evolved with us over generations.

See how Alflorex has made a difference to the lives of thousands of people on our Reviews page.


The 12 week programme

When you purchase New Beginnings you’ll receive 3 months for the price of 2. As part of the programme, you will also receive support content delivered via email. This content will be in the form of weekly tips, advice and recipes as well as a monthly online questionnaire to help you track your progress.

We will also provide access to one-to-one telephone support from our gut-health advisors via our Careline.

Terms and conditions apply to this offer and they are available here.

If you have any questions about the New Beginnings programme please Contact Us.

* Please note pack style delivered may vary.

  1. Among gastroenterologists who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx 2008–2017 surveys. Among doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in AlphaImpactRx 2017 survey.
  2. O’Mahony et al. Gastroenterology. 2005. 2. Whorwell et al. Am J Gastroenterol. 2006.
  3. Diversity of Bifidobacteria within the Infant Gut Microbiota. Turoni et al., PLoS One 2013


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Blisters, Tube, Chewable


Tube & Blister Product Ingredients
Corn starch, gelling agent: hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose, bacterial culture*, anti-caking agent: magnesium stearate.
*35624, Bifidobacterium longum culture. 

Amount per capsule:
Contains 1 x 109 bacteria at time of manufacture.

Chewable Product Ingredients

Isomalt, cellulose microcrystalline, natural bacterial culture*, magnesium stearate, flavourings, sodium saccharin.
*35624, Bifidobacterium longum culture. 

Amount per tablet:
Contains 1 x 109 bacteria at time of manufacture.

Instructions and Safety

Please read the instructions insert for your chosen product. General Instructions that apply to all are below.

Take one capsule every day.

Alflorex can be taken with or without food, at any time of the day.

Note: Fruit juices are generally acidic and acid can damage the 35624 culture. We recommend taking Alflorex with water or milk or less acidic drinks e.g. soya, almond or rice milks. However, Alflorex can be taken as part of a meal that has fruit juice, as the food will help protect the 35624  culture.

Do not exceed the stated dosage. Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of the reach of children.

No refrigeration required.

Store below 25°C.

Consume  Alflorex  within 1 month of opening.

If you have any questions about how Alflorex is working for you, please contact us.


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